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What we do

Our unique design approach delivers innovative electronic products

Business Partnerships

Our unique approach to product design, de-risks the technical process of development. We use proven designs and tools that can be used for fast development. This gives you flexibility for design and finances.

Design ∙ Build ∙ Test

To guide you through the complete development process, we have the experience and tools. We use leading design tools, advanced test equipment, and over 26 years of experience.



Modern electronic designs must keep on trend. We innovate to develop new concepts and new tools. These are available for using in your project.

How does it work

There are unique benefits to working with Silicon Cortex

Flexible Business Partnership

We deliver projects in agreed stages. This allows
project changes to be made and expectations to
be met.

Designed for Manufacture

Test rigs and debug features check production units work. We also check components for availability. These are designed into our work at the start. They ensure that production units are fit for use.

Product Approvals

Product standards are a legal requirement of electronic products. We design electronics to ensure compliance. Common standards are EMC and electrical safety for UKCA, EN and UL.


Protecting IPR at a technology level prevents copying. We design in-product software, electronics and hardware features to stop illicit actors.


White papers, technical notes and use studies

Virtual On-Site™

Toolchain to work with partners remotely

Virtual On-Site™ has been designed for engineers and managers to collaborate on project-hardware from remote locations. It provides a high level of insight and technology transparency on electronic hardware.

Virtual On-Site™ offers unique benefits and features:

  • Customer expectations to be met.
  • Multiple live cameras to view project work.
  • Maxwell™ used for project-hardware development.
  • Connects teams together for project-hardware reviews.
  • Emulator systems where required to replicate project dependencies.
  • Reduces the technical risk associated with technology developments.
  • Technical Design File with notes for easier understanding of functionality.
  • Maintain schedules, ensure technical conveyance, and managing project costs.
  • Enables teams to work on single project-hardware platforms from remote locations.


Hardware toolchain to develop electronics

Maxwell™ enables us to work with your engineers on hardware from any global
location via the internet. It operates at a deep technology level to provide project hardware analysis and development capability.

Maxwell™ offers unique benefits:

  • Project-hardware debugging electronics on I2C, SPI, UART, CANbus and Modbus.
  • Project-hardware custom-specification platform for any required function.
  • Fast development of project hardware and software from data outputs.
  • Header interface on project hardware is the only requirement.
  • Eliminates the need for team all being local to hardware.
  • Project-hardware ARM core chip programming.
  • Maxwell™ is a component of Virtual On-Site™.
  • Project-hardware power on-off control.
  • Connects to computer via USB

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